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Wellbeing Report

Our wellbeing reports bring insights into employee physical and mental health. We also share the strategies that can boost morale and enhance productivity in the workplace.

The events of 2020 have seriously impacted workplace wellbeing, and our wellbeing reports investigate how different industries respond to the challenges of mental & physical health. There is a loss of 70-million workdays each year in the UK due to mental health problems highlighting that no company, large or small, can afford to ignore employee wellbeing.

wellbeing report

What Our Wellbeing Reports Cover

Our employee wellbeing reports are published with the intention of helping your business stay on top of health and wellbeing. We provide insights and tips on maintaining and supporting healthy employee wellbeing, productivity, and performance in your workplace.

The PC Employee Care wellbeing reports provide an overview and snapshot of the current state of employee health and wellbeing. Our detailed reviews break down how businesses compare. We also highlight best practices, preventative measures, and industry trends.

We take a look at what is affecting retention and attraction and the role of occupational health and employee assistance programs. We explore the current levels of absence and causes of sickness and how to identify and reduce stress and manage attendance and absence.

We further reveal trends in presenteeism, absenteeism and leaveism, attitudes to remote working, and the positive and negative impacts of technology. The role of managers and employee wellbeing services also come under the spotlight.

PC Employee Care has three levels of fixed-fee packages, catering to the budgets of microbusinesses, small to medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. The Thrive plan includes quarterly wellbeing reports, and the Enrich and Thrive plan give you exclusive access to our annual wellbeing reports on employee wellbeing within SMEs.

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Why Wellbeing is Important To Your Business

Our wellbeing reports highlight the importance of mental and phyiscal health and the effects it has on your business. It is vital to keep employees happy and motivated and build a mentally healthy workplace.

Research from our wellbeing reports shows that boosting a worker’s happiness and giving them the support they need leads to an increase in productivity of 12-14%. In addition to this, taking care of mental health reduces the number of sick days and helps you retain your top talent and avoid expensive re-hiring costs.

Happy workers deliver more of the ingredients you need to find success. They become better problem-solvers, innovative, collaborative, focused, and loyal.

Your organisation can boost mental health and wellbeing most effectively by taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach. PC Employee Care offers various resources, access to experts, and employee benefits to help your company find greater success. Sign up today for our Thrive or Enrich package to access all our services, including wellbeing podcasts, video presentations, talks, and our annual wellbeing report.

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