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There is a close relationship between employee wellbeing and business performance. Our employee wellbeing podcasts help employees find ways to cope with many of life’s stresses so that your business has a team of highly-focused and motivated people.  
Our employee wellbeing podcast, available to subscribers of the Enrich and Thrive packages, makes it easy and convenient for your workforce to listen to advice that can really make a difference at work and at home. 

We speak to industry experts up to six times a year in our wellbeing podcasts. The industry experts give your employees practical tips and life hacks on adult and child wellness, childcare and schooling, elder and dependent care, juggling work and life, family matters, and employee financial health.

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Why Employee Wellbeing Is Important

Poor employee wellbeing leads to reduced motivation at work, loss of workdays, and low retention rates. If workers are not healthy and happy, then this affects how they feel and think about their job, ultimately affecting business profitability. It is for this reason that HR departments and business owners across the UK should pay attention to the mental and physical health of their team. 
Through listening to our wellbeing podcasts, we can help your staff with emotional, social, physical, and financial advice that will help them stay mentally and physically fit. The positive effect on attitudes and motivation will increase their productivity at work. 

Happy employees are more engaged, which has a knock-on effect that has been shown to improve customer satisfaction levels. By fostering an environment of fairness and trust, your workers will feel valued and respected. When this occurs, co-operation is strengthened, and better relationships are formed between co-workers, supervisors, and managers. Our wellbeing podcasts also encourage problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. 

Furthermore, by improving employee loyalty and satisfaction, you will lower your recruitment costs by retaining your employees and the experience they have gained. By encouraging your team to listen to our wellbeing podcasts, you will give them the tools and support they need to cope with life at home and work. 

Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, employee wellbeing is something every employer should nurture. 

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Our Wellbeing Services

Our wellbeing podcasts form part of our Enrich and Thrive packages of employee wellbeing services designed to help companies enrich and enhance the lives of their workforce. 
Our services will help your business thrive and grow with access for your employees to advice from our verified experts on the four pillars of wellbeing -  financial, emotional, social and physical.  Topics include addiction, eldercare, fertility, nutrition, nurseries, mental health and many, many more.  Included are expert video presentations, an invaluable library of factsheets and downloadable resources, and our wellbeing podcasts. We also give your company, and its employees access to our verified expert directory, providing access to additional support and employee discounts on wellness services and products.
We offer three wellbeing packages with fixed monthly fees reflecting the size and shape of your business, workforce, and budget. 


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