Thrive Package

Your Employee Care Thrive

Encourage your employees to Thrive with our most comprehensive package. We have designed it to benefit the wellbeing of staff while also helping you and your business to stay abreast of industry development and gain valuable insights to all things wellbeing at work related, ensuring your programme remains best in class.

Employee Wellbeing Benefits

Your monthly subscription to the Your Employee Care Thrive will provide your employees with the following:


Your Employee Care Wellbeing Portal

Your employees will have access to everything within the Thrive package, all in one place, on our exclusive portal.  

For easy use, all content, including our factsheets, signposting, supplier directories and downloadable content is split into the following categories:

  • Adult wellness, wellbeing & happiness
  • Child wellness, wellbeing & happiness
  • Childcare & schooling
  • Elder & dependent care
  • Family matters & employee financial wellbeing
  • Work:life wellbeing

Factsheets on a myriad of topics relating to employee health and wellbeing

Our internal team and panel of experts have curated a selection of in excess of 50 downloadable factsheets on a wide range of subjects to equip your employees with advice, information and long term coping strategies.


Signposting to help and support

Our signposting is designed to help employees with the next steps of finding professionals, organisation and charities who can help them with their own unique situations. Employee discounts can be found on selected services and support.


Eight exclusive expert-led videos per year

Our exclusive library of video content is presented by our in-house experts and our specially selected partners.

Your employees will have ongoing access to ‘The A-Z of childcare’ and ‘The A-Z of eldercare’ to help parents and carers understand the options available, the pros and cons, considerations and costs. The result is peace of mind that allows increased engagement and wellbeing at work.

A further 6 videos on diverse topics will be released over a 12 month period for employees to view, each one available for 2 months. Topics will cover all of the overarching wellbeing pillars of physical, emotional, financial, and social wellbeing.



Six times a year our experts will bring your employees short podcasts with practical tips and life hacks. The subjects will differ but will always be relevant to employee wellbeing.



Our sister company Your Employee Wellbeing are experts in supporting working families and their wellbeing at work and regularly post useful and insightful articles on their blog. Our Employee Care Wellbeing Portal features a feed of all their posts. Regularly updated, it is a great resource to dip into for interesting and thought-provoking articles.


Your Employee Wellbeing Discounts

Your employees will all be entitled to a 15% discount on Your Employee Wellbeing’s essential working family services. These include searches for nurseries, childminders, schools, nannies or au pairs, eldercare searches for a care home or family payroll services for nannies and other household staff.


Your Employee Wellbeing Newsletter

From the portal, we offer all your employees the opportunity to sign up to our monthly newsletter which will feature advice and information aimed at improving wellbeing at work along with special offers from our partners and regular exclusive content.


Other expert provider discounts and directories

In addition to our resource library packed with content, the Your Employee Care Thrive package will also give your employees easy access, via the portal, to a directory of validated expert service providers. Furthermore, many of these specialists offer discounted rates for Thrive members.

We strive to provide the best possible corporate health and wellbeing programmes and so will only work with highly experienced professionals in their field.

Employer Support Benefits

Your Employee Care Thrive includes a number of benefits for you and your business to ensure you are kept up to date with all things employee wellbeing related:

Wellbeing Reports

Your Employee Care publishes an annual report into wellbeing within SMEs which you will have exclusive access to. This provides insights and tips on how to support and maintain healthy employee wellbeing and productivity in your workplace.


Your Employee Care Events

Buying into the Your Employee Care Thrive will automatically give you a seat at our quarterly virtual round table. Learn from experts and share best practice with other businesses committed to their employees’ wellbeing.



Our broadcast team produce two podcasts per year designed to keep you up to date and informed on wellbeing at work.


Corporate Discounts

You can enhance your employee wellbeing benefits by helping your workforce with securing long-term dependable childcare or eldercare. We offer our Your Employee Care Thrive clients a 15% discount when you purchase a block of five searches and 10% for all talks.

How much does it cost?

We have designed our Thrive workplace wellbeing programmes to be affordable for all small business with 0-100 employees, with prices starting at just £4 per employee per month. Simply select the number of people employed in your company and you can sign up with one quick link so that you can improve wellbeing at work for your employees.

Thrive Overview:

From *£300 per month

Employee Health and Wellbeing Support
Access for all employees to Wellbeing Portal
Employee wellbeing videos per annum
Advice factsheets & signposting
Wellbeing blogs
Discount on childcare searches
Discount on eldercare searches
Discount on family payroll services
Access to validated PC Employee Care Service Providers
Your Employee Care Service Providers Discounts
Employee Newsletter
Podcasts per annum
Employer Support
Annual wellbeing report into employee wellbeing within SMEs
Quarterly wellbeing report
Quarterly virtual roundtables
Discount on employer bought searches (blocks of 5)
Discount on additional wellbeing talks
Podcasts per annum
Price Per Month
0-25 employees


26-50 employees


51-100 employees


More than 100 employees?
* Prices shown exclude VAT @ 20%

More than 100 employees?

While Your Employee Care packages are designed for small to medium sized businesses we recognise that the benefits are attractive to companies of all sizes. Therefore, if you have more than 100 employees, we can still help you focus on wellbeing for staff with a bespoke solution. Similarly, if you were looking to improve wellbeing and employee engagement by helping with childcare or eldercare searches, we can create a package for you.

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